Let’s Geek Out About Layer 2!

One of the most pressing problems in cryptocurrencies is how they scale. The traditional on-chain design where every node in the network processes and validates every transaction means that transaction rate is fundamentally limited. Layer 2 is the most promising solution to this problem.

In Layer 2 protocolos, like the Lightning Network or Raiden, applications make use of payment channels and state channels to transact off chain while using the blockchain as a trust anchor. Layer 2 protocols not only help tremendously with scalibility, they also help with privacy and interoperability. But how will these Layer 2 networks take shape?

MIT Media Lab & Fidelity Labs presented a two-day event focused on Layer 2 scaling solutions. The first day  was devoted to education – attendees gained exposure to different protocols being built to address the scalability issue. The second day was dedicated to development. Developers attended a one-day hackathon to build applications.

 Our Speakers

Sharon Goldberg

Co-Founder/CEO, Commonwealth Crypto Inc

Neha Narula

Director, MIT DCI

Evan Schwartz

Co-inventor of Interledger

Tadge Dryja

Research Scientist, MIT DCI

Ethan Heilman

CTO, Commonwealth Crypto Inc

Patrick McCorry

Cryptocurrency Researcher, University College, London

Sami Makela

Developer, Truebit

Rick Dudley

President, Vulcanize Inc

Alex Bosworth

Lightning App Developer

Andrew Poelstra

Director of Research, Blockstream

Elizabeth Stark

Co-Founder/CEO, Lightning Labs

Conner Fromknecht

Head of Cryptographic Engineering, Lightning Labs


Juri Bulovic

Research, Fidelity Labs

Lefteris Karapetsas

Raiden Core Developer, Brainbot

Amanda Fabiano

Program Manager, Fidelity Labs

Two-Days Layered with Connections

Here’s what we tackled at this year’s summit

DAY ONE | May 18, 2018

Fidelity Labs | 245 Summer Street, Boston

Protocols on scalability issues and a look into the future.

DAY TWO | May 19, 2018

MIT Media Lab | 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge

Developers will spend the day building applications. Winning teams will be featured on our website!

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