Let’s Geek Out About Mining!

One of the most misconceived topics in bitcoin is mining. Bitcoin miners are boiling the oceans, the ecosystem is centralized—the list goes on. But what is actually happening in the mining ecosystem?

Bitcoin mining is an integral part of the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem. Miners not only process and settle the transactions on the network, but by doing so help secure the network and the integrity of the record of past transactions known as the blockchain.

The topic of mining often leaves a lot of questions to be answered. How does energy actually work? What does it take to build a profitable mining farm? What percent of total Bitcoin energy consumption comes from renewable sources? What is the future of the mining hardware?

Fidelity Center for Applied Technology is pleased to host a one day event to dig into the topic of mining. We will focus on learning the basics, explaining the ecosystem and how it works.

 Our Speakers

Gordon Ao

Chief Executive Officer | Innosilicon

Steve Barbour

President | Upstream Data Inc.

Chris Bendiksen

Head of Research | CoinShares

John Belizaire

Chief Executive Officer | Soluna

Juri Bulovic

Research | FCAT

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer | CoinShares

Yassine Elmandjra

Cryptocurrency Analyst | ARK Invest

Amanda Fabiano

Senior Program Manager | FCAT

Tom Flake

Founder, Treasurer & CMO | Bcause LLC

Joe Lallouz

Cofounder & CEO | Bison Trails

Prieur Leary

Cofounder | Coinmint

Kevin Pan

Founder & CEO | Poolin

Jesse Peltan

Chief Technology Officer | Autonomous Crypto

Gideon Powell

Chief Executive Officer | Autonomous Crypto Corp

Hugh Ross

COO | Horizon Kinetics LLC

Marco Streng

Cofounder & CEO | Genesis Group

Brian Venturo

Chief Technology Officer | Atlantic Crypto

Kevin Vora

Product Management | FCAT

David Vorick

Cofounder & CEO | Nebulous

Matt Walsh

Partner | Castle Island

Dovey Wan

Founding Partner | Primitive Ventures

Vincent Zhang

Sales Director | MicroBT



1:00 | What is Mining, Anyway? 1:20 | Energy: Where Does it Come From? 1:40 | Mining: The Intersection of Technology, Finance and Energy Markets


2:00 | Cheap Power is Everything: Bitcoin Mining Economics 2:20 | Conserving Waste Through Bitcoin Mining in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry 2:40 | State of the Bitcoin Mining Industry


3:00 | Break 3:20 | Building a Mining Farm: Pitfalls & Perils 3:50 | Designing Mining Hardware


4:20 | Mining Pools 4:50 | Investment Opportunities in Mining


5:20 | The Future of Mining: Introduction 5:30 | The Future of Mining Panel


6:00 | Conclusion 6:30 | Reception

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